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Enjoying Recorded Music That You Can’t Even Hear

Twenty years before Thomas Edison’s great breakthrough in recorded sound, another inventor first conceived of a method of “writing” sound on a blackened piece of paper.  But he never intended that his recordings would be played back with a machine.  Is it possible to enjoy music that you can’t even hear?

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The Mic Clip from Hell: Hacking the Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser’s MD421 dynamic microphone is a workhorse microphone.  Originally intended as a general-use microphone for vocals and instruments, along the way it gained “killer app” status on tom drums.  An unintended defect in the mic’s design, though, has been killing tom drums ever since.  Here’s a little history on this famous microphone, and a neat little hack that semi-permanently solves a problem that drives audio engineers nuts.

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Los Ilegales de Lempira: Pickups & Pics

The mixing and editing work on the debut album from D.C.-based Norteño band Los Ilegales de Lempira is winding down, and the band has asked me to put together the graphic design for the album as well. Here’s a look into that process as our recording studio was converted into a very different kind of studio for the weekend!

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New in the Rack: Hairball Audio Lola

This week I’m building the last two of our four-unit set of Lola mic preamps from Hairball Audio.  I suppose I should be feeling a little nostalgic to finally be finishing these units. I built my first two Lola units about 2 years ago, and they were the first 500 series modules I built. Our rack has come a long way since then! I’ve built 14 modules since then, and our rack is filling out very nicely.

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