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The rack in our control room features a pair of Avalon 737SP channel strips.  We have two units purchased 8 years apart, but one of them was already used and is likely more than 10+ years old.  As a result, the two units have vacuum tubes of wildly different vintages in them.

Time for some deferred maintenance.

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New In The Rack: Anamod AM660

In our never-ending quest for different and varied flavors of compression, we take the plunge on a very reasonably priced all-analog, 500-series recreation of one of the most expensive compressors on the vintage market.

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Panic! at the Console

Or “that one time when you are suddenly reminded that the studio’s biggest piece of hardware runs on Windows.”

Windows XP, that is.

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New In The Rack: dbx 560A

Turning away from the DIY world for a moment, recently we added a studio classic to our dynamics arsenal.  Two of them, actually, because at $150 each, picking up a pair was an absolute no-brainer.

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New In The Rack: Hairball Audio-MNATS FET/500

“47.” “414.” “1073.”  In pro audio circles, there are a lot of pieces of gear that have become so famous, so well known, or so ubiquitous, that you simply need to mention the model number and everyone knows what you’re talking about.  This is the story of another such number: 1176.

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