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Undisclosed Location Studios is the home of News At Eleven Productions, the husband and wife team of MATT and ANN MacPHAIL.

Matt MacPhail

AVID Certified Pro Tools Operator (Music)
AVID Certified Pro Tools Operator (Post)

Matt MacPhail has lived in and around studios since he was a kid.  “I remember being home sick from school in 4th grade.  I built a “studio” out of my Lego space kit, and then spent the day pretending that the songs on the radio were being broadcast from that studio.”

During high school he took up video production in his family’s basement office, creating programs ranging from wedding videos, “making of” -style documentaries, animation, and travelogs.  His experience in video editing led to a part time job as a studio technician during college at Georgetown University.  From there, he spent two years as the assistant to the general counsel at WETA TV/FM in Washington, DC before earning a dual-degree JD/MA at the University of Southern California in 1998.  At USC, Matt and Ann met as founding members of the SoCal VoCals, a mixed a cappella group that recently won the International Championship of College A Cappella (ICCA, the real-life competition featured in “Pitch Perfect”) for an unprecedented fourth time.

In the late 1990s, he and Ann caught the rising wave of interest in home recording spawned by the introduction of lightweight multitrack digital recorders and more affordable studio microphones.   Together with their friends from the USC Catholic Center, Matt and Ann formed News At Eleven, a contemporary Catholic band, whose first album, “Have You Not Heard?” was recorded with a pair of second-hand ADATs almost entirely in the vanity area of the bathroom in Ann’s apartment.  Their 2005 album, “Here Till The End,” was largely recorded in a studio closet they built in their former home in San Jose, CA.

Matt’s first experience with Pro Tools (version 4.5) came during the sessions for “Have You Not Heard?” in 1999.  “I remember at the time thinking that Pro Tools was the coolest thing I’d ever seen, and that it was really going to change the way we made music.”  He purchased his first Pro Tools system a year later.  Matt became an Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator in 2008.

Ann Lyles MacPhail
Voiceover Artist

Ann MacPhail is known for her friendly and authoritative radio commercials, whether she’s encouraging you to become a Certified Personal Trainer, or to consider the personal attention you’ll receive from the experts at a medical office.

After years of lecturing to health care providers, Ann’s sophisticated sound is a good fit for corporate narration or training modules on complex subjects. But, give her a women’s lit novel or a children’s fantasy, and she easily flips into warm, trustworthy “mom” mode. Clients most often comment that Ann takes direction well, she does very clean reads, she’s pleasant to work with, she completes work quickly and she’s reliable.

Learn more about Ann’s voiceover services at voiceoversbyann.com.